Sports Programmes

Perfect for sports-lovers and unique to Indesit, take a look at the Indesit sports programmes.
Available on all Indesit washing machines and washer dryers these innovative programmes save you the time and effort of hand washing!

Sport Light: ideal for synthetic gym clothes.

Sport Intensive: perfect if it’s more a case of
mud-caked rugby or football gear.

Sports Shoes: specifically for sports shoes
and trainers, keeping them in tip top condition!

Don’t forget to look out for the Sports programmes on selected Indesit tumble dryers too which also include a Sports Shoe Rack.

Sports Shoe Rack - No need for wet trainers to spoil your fun! The unique sports shoe rack ensures perfect drying of trainers in the shortest possible time. Sports Shoes are suspended in the drum so they are dried perfectly without damaging either the dryer or your trainers.